American Academy of Forensic Sciences 2021

Nieuwsbericht - Gepost op 02/03/2021

American Academy of Forensic Sciences 2021

In februari 2021 ging de 73rd Annual Scientific Meeting van de American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) door. Diverse medico-legale onderwerpen kwamen aan bod. Een niet-exhaustieve lijst van de door mij gevolgde sessies kan u hieronder raadplegen.


  • A Case of Suicidal Hanging or Accidental Asphyxiophilia: A Case Discussion
  • Autoeroticism and Depression in Lockdown From COVID-19: Accidental Death in Combinated Asphyxiophilia/Autoerotic Asphyxia by Nitrogen Inhalation and Secondary Effects of Trazodone
  • Roderick Covlin’s Botched Bathtub: Staged Homicide: Aquatic Investigative Techniques to Get It Right From the Start
  • The Petechiae Enigma: Manual Strangulation in the Absence of Petechiae

Scherp geweld:

  • Toward a Practical Standard for Quantification of the Edge and Tip Sharpness of Knives and Other Sharp Weapons
  • An Unusual Suicide With Multiple Stab Wounds
  • Two Cases of Sharp Force Trauma: Homicide or Suicide? Solving an Enigma With Forensic Methodology
  • Post-mortem medico-legal, radiological and toxicological investigation in a case of suicide by multiple stabbing associated with ingestion of hexane mixture

Stomp geweld:

  • Cranial Injury Pattern Analysis in the Reconstruction of a Homicide With a Hammer
  • Differentiating the skeletal trauma resulting from paediatric simple short falls compared with physical abuse: A retrospective international multicenter pilot study
  • Differences in fracture healing between unintentional and abuse-related fractures in young children


  • Electrical injuries: Wright & Davis revisited
  • Electrothermal fatalities: Case studies


  • Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound: Suicide or Accident? You Decide
  • Suicidal Firearms Injuries of the Back of the Head/Neck: A Case Series

Forensische toxicologie:

  • A Case Series of Cyanide Poisoning: A Rising Trend
  • A Medicolegal Death Investigation and Review of Inhalant-Related Deaths
  • A Suspected Case of Attempted Homicide by Rodenticides Administration
  • Infant Deaths Associated With Methamphetamine Exposure: A Case Series
  • Monitoring of Specialized Internet Forums to Ensure Complete Toxicology Testing in Suicide Death Investigations
  • Unusual Routes for Substance Abuse: Fatal Inhalation of a Fentanyl Patch
  • When Epidemic Meets Pandemic: A Case Series of Pediatric Fentanyl Deaths in Denver Colorado

Forensische psychiatrie:

  • Excited Delirium unassociated with police involvement
  • A Case Study of Amok Syndrome and Intermittent Pathological Impulsiveness
  • Folie á Deux: Simultaneous and Deliriant Induction to Murder
  • Uxoricide and Mental Disorder: A Retrospective and Descriptive Study of 30 Patients Hospitalized in a French Secure Unit Over a 22 Year Period

Algemene forensische onderwerpen:

  • Suicide analysis in the time of COVID-19 in Orange County, CA
  • Family Mass Murders in Italy, 1990-2019
  • Child and Adolescent Suicide: A Ten Year 2010 - 2019 Retrospective Analysis of Medical Examiner Cases in Kentucky
  • The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Approach for a Differential Diagnosis of Child Abuse: A Case Report
  • Trends in Suicide: A Postmortem Analysis of a 20-Year Case History by the Unit of Legal Medicine of Pavia
  • A Longitudinal Evaluation of Death Investigation of Elder Abuse and Neglect Deaths
  • Men Who Hate Women: The New Italian Stalking Law and Femicide Cases Review in Foggia Territory

Coverfoto: Indiana Landmarks: Indiana Medical History Museum, Indianapolis (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)